Body Mold, First Half

(14 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

Getting ready to lay up the first half of the mold by applying polyvinyl acetate parting film

Spraying gel coat

Yes, Larry Lem, he's wearing a respirator ;-)

The canopy area

From the front

Pulling tape

Striping a mold is bass-ackwards from striping anything else. In this case, peeling the masking tape reveals a channel in the gel coat. The gray is the tooling plug, while the tan is the flange form.

Filling the channel with white gel coat

Covering the white with more black gel coat (remember, the stripe is "under" all that).

Filling the hard edges of the canopy with high fiber

Filling the sharp corner with high fiber, so the fiberglass doesn't have to make a sharp 90° bend at the flange (which it won't do)

Closeup, showing how the high fiber rounds the hard corner

Applying fiberglass

Closeup near the nose

Dad applying another patch of fiberglass

The first layup with 1-ounce mat is complete

From the front

Second layup with 3-ounce mat is complete

Closeup of the nose

Yeah, it itches!

Dusting off

Another closeup

Annie loves her dad