Parting the Molds!

(12 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

Getting ready to start the second half of the mold!

Starting to spray gel coat

Black is done

Side after peeling masking tape stripe

Spraying white gel coat in stripe

After covering white with more black

Dad applying high fiber to hard edges of canopy area

Rounding hard corner on flange with high fiber

Second half after first layup with 1-ounce mat.

Closeup of first layup with 1-ounce mat

Wetting out patches for second layup with 3-ounce mat

Second half after 2mm core mat and third layup with 2-ounce mat

Closeup of 2mm core mat and third layup with 2-ounce mat

Another nose shot

The bottoms of our shoes look like that too

Second half of mold with plywood support

Draping strips of fiberglass mat to better support mold

The mold was getting pretty hot, so it got a bath

Dad pounding a plastic wedge between flanges to begin separating the mold halves

Using gravity to help separate the mold halves

Dad smacking the flat sides to break the mold loose from the tooling plug

It's separated!

One half done...

... one half to go

A screwdriver wedged in the canopy area to create a small gap

After a little more water in the gap...

... the second half begins to separate

Lifting the tooling plug out of the second mold half

Head-on shot of tooling plug and mold halves

Angled shot of tooling plug and mold halves

Another angled shot of tooling plug and mold halves

Mold half fresh off the tooling plug

Closeup of sander...

... doing a lightweight sanding

Starting to polish with rubbing compound

Reflection from the polished surface

Another reflection

After rubbing compound and Finesse-it.

Another reflection

Looking back towards a 300W hot light