Rock the Cradle

(8 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

The poplar battens are now glassed in

Battens in right half of body

Closeup of upper batten

The tooling plug is back! Time to make a cradle

Dad masking the bottom of the upside-down tooling plug

Hand brushed with clear gel coat

After glassing with mat and cloth

There's a brief window of opportunity where you can trim fiberglass with a razor knife before the resin becomes too stiff. A lot less itch this way!

Trimming complete

From the back

Dad brushing honey, er, uh... resin on the cradle base...

... followed by mishmash

Cradle resting on the base - now we wait for the mishmash to cure

While we're waiting, we couldn't resist taping the body halves together

It's not food - Annie is indifferent

Annie sees an opportunity to lean on Dad

If I fail at Battle Mountain, we can always squeeze an engine in somewhere and try our luck at Bonneville

The approximate location of the right body half with respect to me and the subframe