Last day before heading back to reality

I just had to get a picture of my dad and I under the Battle Mountain elevation sign before heading over to the Super 8, where all the racers hang out. 

Here are the Varna Diablo III, Varna Tempest, and Varna Battle Mountain:

People took turns sitting in the tub of the Varna Tempest III. Eventually I couldn't resist sitting in the tub as well. Georgi Georgiev grabbed a bystander, and they put the upper half of the body on the tub. 

It's a very tight squeeze in the shoulder area. Once Georgi had me trapped, he threatened to tickle my nose.

We went back out for the evening session, and Sam Whittingham pedaled the Varna Tempest to 73.46 MPH.

Barbara Buatois pedaled the Varna Battle Mountain to 69.14 MPH. Of the over 300 pictures I took at the 2011 WHPSC, this is the one that's hanging on the wall in my computer room:

Here she is just a split second later, going through the timing stripe: