Welded Jackshaft Support and Blending Tail Section

(42 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

Welded the jackshaft support to the subframe today.

Remember the cassette guts?

Cassette guts installed on subframe

... and a cassette

The subframe with the jackshaft installed

Closeup of the fork

Closer closeup of the crown end of the fork

... and the dropout end

Meanwhile, we need to blend the tail of the body a little more gradually. We used leftover, high-density polyurethane foam from Dad's Red Bull rock crawler project.

First we used Gorilla Glue. Later, epoxy. Then polyester resin. Here we're using... good ol' hot glue and drywall screws

First side done

Another shot of first side

Both sides complete (again, Annie is unimpressed)