Bring on the fiberglass!

(43 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

Deburred the recess in the subframe for the jackshaft support.

Another fit check...

Getting ready to apply fiberglass with polyester resin. Crossing our fingers that the thin protective veneer consisting of twin coats of epoxy has sealed the polystyrene foam - otherwise, the whole thing will melt!

One side down, one to go

Foam is holding up - time to glass the other side

Whew! The resin cured without melting the foam. Now that the foam is encapsulated, we don't have to worry about it melting

Now to get a little sunlight to accelerate the cure

Continuing around...

... and around

Head-on shot

Dad with the 8-inch gear drive, knocking down any whiskers of fiberglass

Snowing again in Perris, California in the middle of summer

Buzzing the nose

Yes, it makes you itch!

Freshly buzzed

Back out in the sun so my dad can snap a few pictures with his camera

From the front