Upper Half and a "Forking" Revision

(5 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

Done with the molds (for now ;-)

Time to join the upper body halves

In the interest of time, Dad wisely chose to make this cantilevered support rather than try to make an upper cradle. He estimated that this move saved him at least a day and a half.

To Align the upper portion of the body halves prior to bonding, he used screws with fender washers from the top with small blocks of wood on the bottom

The cantilevered support allows Dad to place some small glass patches underneath to join the body halves together

View from inside

Meanwhile, the disc brake adapter is FINALLY done!

I decided I couldn't live with the left fork stanchion protruding from the fork crown the way it did. There just wasn't enough room for my knee, so I chopped it. Sigh...

Getting a feel for how the narrowed stanchion might go (this is ***NOT*** the kind of thing you want to be designing/fabricating at the last minute!)