Dzus Fasteners and the Revised Fork

(4 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

Dad wasn't crazy about the idea of me strapping the body panels together from the inside with industrial hook-and-loop (A.K.A. "Velcro") because I wouldn't be able to unstrap the body if I was knocked out due to a crash. So Dad and Doug installed six Dzus fasteners (pronounced "zeus") to secure the top to the bottom from the *outside*.

Closeup of one of the Dzus fasteners.

Making chips at the mill again - this is the revised fork stanchion

Checking the fit of the revised fork stanchion

Pat made this sweet little dropout

Back to my industrial-strength fork fixture for some welding

Closeup of the crown end

Closeup of Pat's dropout

Yeah, Baby! No leg clearance problems here!

Out of the fixture

Angled shot

Here's the old stanchion placed against revised fork to show how much more clearance I gained. My knee hit right in the upper bent portion of the original tube.

Pat sneaked a picture of me welding the disc brake tab to the new stanchion

Revision One complete!

Pat shines his flashlight to help my dad stripe the body