Stick a fork in it! (Fork is Done-O-Mundo!)

(48 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

After over two weeks of whittling parts and and fixtures, I finally welded the fork today!

Closeup with the fork in the fixture (the forking fixture ;-)

My welds aren't going to win any beauty contests

Here's the fork out of the fixture

Closeup of the fork out of the fixture

Another closeup of the fork showing the crown

Closeup of the drive side dropout

And the moment I've been waiting for... how does the wheel fit? Here's the drive side.

... and the brake side

The lens of my iPhone's camera produced a strange distortion. The Stanchion on the right is actually VERY parallel to the wheel, but the camera makes look like it's tapered inward at the bottom.

Same distortion in this view, but you can see there's plenty of clearance between the tire and the crown (breathing a sigh of relief)