Epoxy and the Other Fork Stanchion

(49 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

My dad buys resin by the 55-gallon drum. It's polyester resin, however, which doesn't play nicely with polystyrene foam. So you can either seal the foam with several goats of gesso and hope the polyester doesn't seep through before it cures, or go the expensive route and use epoxy. West System 105/205 epoxy kit arrived today...

Bent the stanchion for the disk brake side of the fork.

Milling off the excess from the crown end

Boring a recess for the dropout

Checking the fit using a calibrated Mt Dew stanchion alignment spacer

Closeup of the stack-O-spacers

Closeup of the dropout

Another closeup of the dropout

Closeup of the fork crown end

Reverse engineering the brake caliper mounting bracket using the fork off my stationary trainer

The brake caliper will fit something like this