Fork Welding, Dropouts, Stanchions, and Body Tooling

(62 days until the 2012 WHPSC)

Fixturing the crown and steerer tube for welding

Right after welding the first pass across the top of the crown (still raging hot)

As you can see, there's not much room

Time to design a fork stanchion...

... and a dropout

Another view of the aluminum mockup for the dropout

Machining the dropout on the drive side (this is the real chromoly dropout, not the aluminum mockup)

 Kind of on a whim, I decided to machine a slot in the dropout. Our endmill selection is somewhat limited, and our only Ø3/4" endmill is a 2-flute. Plunging a 2-flute endmill through chromoly seemed sketchy. I chickened out, and used a fresh 1/2-inch 4-flute to mill a pocket, then switched to the 3/4-inch mill to finish the ends.

I like it!

Dropout with stanchion mockup

Meanwhile, time to start the body! Dad marking the foam for routing to accommodate the steel armature...

Closeup of one of the routed grooves. Even tough I followed my dad with the vacuum, foam went everywhere!

Steel armature laying in the routed grooves

Closeup, showing the armature resting in the routed grooves

2012-07-10 14 body tooling closeup of finished routing for armature.jpg

Dad drizzling honey on the foam - this thing is going to be sweet!!!

Actually, that's Gorilla Glue. Friendly advice: wear gloves when working with Gorilla Glue - it takes a couple of days to wear off!